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Riga Old Town - You can't get away from bloody Australians

I headed North from Vienna through Poland and Lithuania, and decided to rest in Riga before heading across the border into Russia. The residents of this old town offered a warm welcome in this busy but somehow tranquil place.

As I approached the outskirts of Riga, I was in need of fuel, and I saw the city outline and decided I would divert into the centre and seek out accomodation for the night. In the Old Town is a Pullman Hotel and with my Accor membership, I was able to secure a room with breakfast for around 100€. Getting to the hotel was a little more difficult as the streets are locked down to traffic over the weekend and a helpful couple of police officers directed me to the rear access and car park.

Riga was a pleasant surprise and the Old Town was a welcome escape.

The streets are definitely not high-heel friendly, but that is not something I was going to have to concern myself with. There is abundance of bars and restaurants to suit everyone's tastes. I really enjoyed walking the streets and taking in the architecture.

From the Old Town, I walked the short trek through the park to the river. I am continually reminded that wherever I go, people seek the same things and relax the same ways.

The Pullman is beautiful and the rooms are spacious with modern decor and facilities. The bar on the other hand was not the best service. In fact I left muttering to myself after waiting to be served due to the barmaid leaving numerous times and ignoring all the waiting customers at the bar. When I returned after showering, the gentlemen sitting at the bar addressed me in English stating, 'you've come back for another try? I am still waiting'.

The barmaid eventually returned and I got my drink... As I began to relax, the older gent started to converse with a young couple also seated at the bar. The conversation was in regard to the Wimbledon Tennis playing on the big TV with, you guessed it, the Australian Super Brat, right as he is mouthing off to the umpire and then refusing to continue to play.

Okay... I am in Riga, Latvia, which is probably as far away from Australia as you can get when the girl responds and I start to choke on my drink. Its funny how an Australian accent can leap out at you the further you are from Australia. 'He's that kid at school that you always you like but he is a bit of wanker, you know?', she responds. Then 3 more couples join them and yes, they too are from Australia... Melbourne to be exact... it's time to leave and get some dinner.

©2022 Noel Castley-Wright

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