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Dubai, UAE. Represents Western Aspiration?

Updated: May 26, 2022

The light in Dubai in golden hour offers beautiful moments. It is an interesting city boasting what I interpret as a misguided perception of western ideals in an Arab culture. That said, I always look forward to visiting this city.

'Amazing Place for Stopover'

There is plenty to do in Dubai and a lot that I have not been able to experience over my four stopovers to date. The last time I visited Dubai, in the airport we were approached by the tourism group who sold us cheaper special deals for the activities. Look for the kiosk.

New Years 2014

The architecture sprawls skyward and peaks at the Burj Khalifa which stands an incredible 830m to its tip boasting 163 floors. I could not live in a building like this, but you cannot help but be overwhelmed by the majestic stature of this ominous beauty. At the base of the Burj Khalifa you encounter a sprawling mall filled with diverse shops and designer labels.

Ski Dubai at Mall of the Emirates is worth a visit. It offers indoor snow skiing or wakeboarding with the added benefit of an escape from the soaring temperatures outside. Attached to the Mall is the Kempinski Hotel, which is where I enjoyed staying last trip.

The Perception of Western Values

I sense that there is no appreciation of anything other than the cost to purchase it.

One thing to consider is if everyone has a Chanel bag, then the prestige or stature of possessing one decreases rapidly. This is where I believe the Arab perception of Western values unravels.

My Mother passed onto me her middle class Western values.

'if you use money to draw attention, you are lacking where it matters'.

She also used to say, 'Don't ever marry for money, it is cheaper to borrow it'. The struggle or sacrifice necessary to obtain a desirable possession brings with it an appreciation and satisfaction that cannot otherwise achieved.

'I have visited Dubai in both December 2013 including New Years 2014 celebrations and in May/June 2015. June was so hot, that even the water was too warm to be refreshing, so if you don't like sauna like heat, best to visit in December.'

There are also two waterparks worth visiting. One is at Atlantis, built on the Palms Island. Atlantis features a Hotel, Shopping Mall, Dolphinarium, Aquarium and Waterpark. The aquarium is presented in an Alien theme. In the waterpark is a waterslide with a high steep drop that plunges you down under the sharks.

The second waterpark is called Wild Wadi

Another popular tourist destination is the Gold Souk. My son Max found a suitable head dress here.

©2022 Noel Castley-Wright

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