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Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin

This beautiful Prussian Palace, the largest in Berlin, was built for Sophie Charlotte of Hannover, Sister of King George I of England. The palace was built after her marriage to Friedrich I in 1864 who was at the time the Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia,

Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace is worth visiting if you spend time in Berlin. You will find artists under the trees with easels, which I am sure would be encouraged by Sophie Charlotte should she had been alive today.

Sophie Charlotte loved the arts, was herself a musician, played the harpsichord and an opera singer. She held her court of muses, including philosophers, poets, artists and musicians.

Friedrich I had an official mistress, but never took advantage of her services because he was madly in love with Sophie, who did not reciprocate. He was not allowed to visit the palace without an invitation, which is telling in itself.

I had the pleasure of walking the gardens this weekend, which was originally named Lietzenburg Palace until Sophie Charlotte's death, from pneumonia, at age 36.

Friedrich I renamed the palace Charlottenburg which also applies to the area surrounding the palace where I temporarily reside.

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