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Africa Tanzania Arusha - Serengeti

Africa was a lifetime dream achieved. The only way to truly experience African wildlife is to be in Africa with nothing standing between you and your subject.

I love Africa, the cultures, its people and the incredible landscape, wildlife and flora.

'The most incredible place I have visited and I will return to explore new places'

My first visit to Africa was in 2013. I travelled from Dubai to Nairobi Kenya where we spent the night before flying to Tanzania Kilimanjaro Airport. As we flew we could see from the cockpit the peak of Kilimanjaro rising out of the cloud base.

I travelled from Arusha to Serengeti. We visited several National Parks including on our return to Arusha, the Ngora Ngora Crater.

'I found the contrast between Dubai and Africa to be the most extreme. What it shows is people with less are often much happier. The beauty of Africa is matched by the beauty of its colourful people. Everywhere I go, I am welcomed with the warmest and most pleasant hospitality.'

Tanzania Arusha, Karibu, Serengeti, Ngora Ngora

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