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One night in Vienna

As I walked these streets, I felt as if I was drifting back through time to a moment where Strauss was performing. I have formed an indescribable romance with this city. It is difficult to put in words the feelings that flooded over me, so I hope these photos offer you an opportunity to explore its' majesty with me.

Vienna State Opera House

I was only in Vienna for the day because I drove down from Berlin to purchase a Broncolor Para 133, a few lights and accessaries that I could not source in Germany. It was a bit of a crazy rush to drive to Austria and then head North to St Petersburg. You cannot compare Berlin with Vienna. I find Vienna a much more warmer city and I really can't explain why I feel this way. It was definitely not what I was expecting.

The State Opera House is a building I must explore further.

There are tours up until midday in English, but sadly I missed the opportunity on this visit. It was the one building I really wanted to experience more than any other. I was not disappointed even when I carried such a high expectation. I will return to experience the tour and a performance, which are often sold out months in advance. It was not by chance that I chose to experience my first glimpse of the building at evening.

Vienna is a must see if not just for this one incredible wonder. My fascination with this one building guarantees my return.

I especially loved these statues that feature so eloquently. The statues including the fountains represent the arts of the time that were performed within.

The city was still a buzz until late in the evening and it seemed Covid was becoming a distant memory, or so I hope.

As I move from the Opera House, the verses of Puccine's Turandot humming through my head are replaced by Ultravox's Vienna

As the music changes pace in my head, I am surprised to hear a lot of spoken Italian and even some Spanish. I am not sure the city slept as the restaurants and streets continued to entertain an increasing abundance of young people, tourists and students.

I think a trip to Vienna is probably not complete without enjoying a horse drawn carriage with a special someone, which is another thing that will have to wait until I have that special person and am in Vienna again.

©2022 Noel Castley-Wright

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